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Wholesale "Car Club" Approved 'Vendor' Monthly

Wholesale "Car Club" Approved 'Vendor' Monthly

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This is a monthly reoccurring signup to be on our Approved  Vendor List to advertise your services in Wholesale Car Club.    

What you get:

*Once a month admin will make a shoutout post on your behalf advertising your services. (Pinned to the top)
*Once a week you will be able to make a post yourself advertising yourself or if you have a truck somewhere that’s about to drive empty to ask for a load in that area. (Weekly posts will also be pinned to the top)
*Group Expert badge in here, our dealer group, and our overflow group. The badge gives you more reach so your post gets a lot more exposure.
*Access to our dealer chatroom (Clutch Life) so you can build relationships with the dealers in there.
*Pre approvals so you don’t have to wait for us to approve your post and you are able to make them during prime time hours.
*Admin/mod bumps on your posts
*Anytime someone posts a transportation request here it will be declined and in the notes, we will plug your business.
*Anything else you can think of where we can help we will, our interests are aligned here.

Your requirements:
*Must have EXTENSIVE experience and/or have a lot of references here for shipping customers' cars.
*Must have amazing customer service skills. We take this extremely seriously.
*Be able to handle a lot of inquiries efficiently.
*Be properly insured to handle big-money transport requests.
*Be independently vetted by us.

$3000/month with a 3-month minimum commitment (that’s about the minimum it will take to get the momentum you need to become engrained as a vendor here)
Or if you want to try it out for a month, a $5000 one-time payment.

This is a lot of work from both ends here. You will need to dedicate quite a bit of time to establish yourself but if you do it, you WILL add a lot of business to your bottom line.
The opportunity is open for 3 companies and rates are subject to change depending on what other services we might add in the future but for now anyone joining will be grandfathered into these rates.

***To cancel a reoccurring product, 14 days written notice is needed prior to the next billing cycle***

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