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Payton: Wholesale "Car Club" Exclusive 'Vendor' - 3 months

Payton: Wholesale "Car Club" Exclusive 'Vendor' - 3 months

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This is a 3-month cash discount special for upfront payment to be an Exclusive Leasing Vendor in Wholesale Car Club.  

What you get:

-  1 Weekly Pinned Advertisement Post 

- 1 Monthly Mass Text Across All Platforms 

- 1 Monthly Mass Email Across All Platforms 

- 1 Monthly Pinned Shoutout Post from Vadim 

- Group Expert badge in here, our dealer group, and our overflow group. The badge gives you more reach so your post gets a lot more exposure.

- Anytime someone posts a lease sale here it will be declined and in the notes, we will plug your business.

Contact admin for specific details. Each transaction varies.
Services are rendered prior to payment.  Confirmation with a QR code will be sent once the purchase is completed. 

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