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Moda Group INC

Payton: Moda "Misc" Club Approved 'Vendor' - 3 Months

Payton: Moda "Misc" Club Approved 'Vendor' - 3 Months

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This is the discounted admin fee (3 months upfront)  to be a part of VENDOR PROGRAM: This starts 90 days from day of purchase.

This Vendor Program includes:

- [ ] Group Expert Badge

- [ ] Pre-approvals

- [ ] Unlimited auctions

- [ ] Commercial advertising post in Moda Collective, Club or Misc

- [ ] Once a we month shoutout from us on Moda Clubs, Moda Collective or Moda Misc

- [ ] Email spotlight each month If you pay 3 months up front;

- [ ] We will do 1 time text blast advertisement for your business on our mass text list ($2,000 normally)


Contact admin for specific details. Each transaction varies. Services are rendered prior to payment.  Confirmation with a QR code will be sent once the purchase is completed. 

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