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Payton: "Moda Groups" Custom 'Vendor'

Payton: "Moda Groups" Custom 'Vendor'

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This is the admin fee to be on the Approved Vendor List in our Moda Groups (Moda Collective & The Moda Club). This lasts til 12/31/2024.

The benefits for Moda Collective and The Moda Club Exclusive Vendor Program includes: 

- Preapprovals across the groups so your posts are not sitting in the pending queue

- Weekly posts from you or someone on your behalf pinned to the top of the group for max exposure, these can be educational content, reviews, or simple advertisement posts

- Bi-weekly shoutout posts from the admin team (normally myself or Payton Moda) advertising your services. We like to keep these different every month to keep the audience engaged.

- Anytime anyone asks us for recommendations on credit card processors only you will be mentioned, whether thats a pm or a post.

- Moda vendor chatroom for extra support from all the other vendors

- Ability to use the hashtags #modavendor or #modaapprovedvendor

- A shoutout in our newsletters, while we don’t have on a set schedule yet. But it’s coming and your services will be advertised

If you would like we can set up a time or day to do a weekly check in to make sure the posts are getting made, review the engagement and tweak anything we may need to make sure you are getting the most out of your status.

Services are rendered prior to payment.  Confirmation with a QR code will be sent once the purchase is completed. 
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