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Moda Group INC

Moda "Watch" Exclusive Shipping 'Vendor' Package Monthly

Moda "Watch" Exclusive Shipping 'Vendor' Package Monthly

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This is the fee to be an exclusive watch shipping vendor in the following Moda Facebook Groups:

  • Moda Watch Group
  • Moda Watch 10K & under
  • Moda Watch WTB/ISO
  • Moda Forum
  • MDA (Moda Dealer Alliance)
  • RWB (real watch buyers)

Exclusive vendor in the following chatrooms:

  • Facebook Messenger Groups:
    • Mazal Tank
    • Mazal & Chill
    • RWB Lounge
    • RWB Lounge Lite
    • RWB WTB
    • RWB 10K and Under
    • MDA (Moda Dealer Alliance)
    • University of Mazal
  • Whatsapp Groups:
    • RWB Lounge
    • RWB Dealer WTB
    • RWB Dealer 30K +
    • RWB Dealer 10-30K
    • RWB Dealer <10K
    • RWB New York
    • RWB Los Angeles
    • RWB Florida
    • RWB Texas
    • RWB Canada
  • Telegram Channels:
    • RWB Lobby
    • Moda Lobby

 Vadim Moda will post a minimum of 3 promotional posts for Vendor per month as follow:

  • A minimum of 1 post per month will be in Moda Watch Group.
  • All other posts will be in any other group or chat room listed above), as determined at Moda’s sole discretion.

The term is 6 months commitment or longer. 

     ***To cancel a reoccurring product, 14 days written notice is needed prior to the next billing cycle***


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