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John: Moda "Watch" RWB 'Membership' - Initiation Fee (Collectors)

John: Moda "Watch" RWB 'Membership' - Initiation Fee (Collectors)

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This is RWB (Real Watch Buyers) Initiation Fee for Collectors Exclusive (this is the initiation fee to join RWB Membership). Exclusive Pricing 

What is RWB? 

Real Watch Buyers is the premium version of Moda Watch Club (formerly known as Wholesale Watch Club). It was created because Moda became too big and we really couldn’t keep the price wholesale anymore, which is the focus of this group. It’s for dealers, traders, and vetted buyers who are looking to grow their network and learn more behind-the-scenes dealings that can't be posted in the big main group.

We also offer a ton of perks that come with this membership which include:

Perks of RWB:

  • Better pricing across the board
  • No post approvals inside the group
  • We allow posts of all price ranges (including 5k & under)
  • You can use it for Want To Buy posts 
  • Priority release of posts across all Moda communities
  • You can ask questions to dealers & traders with lots of experience
  • Promoted listing in our main group picked by admins
  • Discounted middleman services on all other watches 
  • FREE auctions (within the group)
  • Discounted auction fees in Moda main & Moda 5k & under
  • Q&A sessions
  • Networking sessions with educational content
  • Access to RWB lounges

See you inside!

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