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Moda Group INC

Edward: The "Moda Club" 'Membership' Lifetime

Edward: The "Moda Club" 'Membership' Lifetime

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This is lifetime membership to be in The "MODA" Club that are currently not clients. 

The “Moda” Club is a private community limited to our premium members and clients to talk, network, and do business between each other. This group is a privilege not a right and we reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime for any reason. All normal Moda group rules still apply along with meta’s terms of service.

You can post anything you can in our other groups all in one place (Cars, watches, hype gear, jewelry, and etc) BUT price or terms must be EXCLUSIVE to the club otherwise post it in the group it needs to go.

To get accepted talk with your point of contact/sales person to get added or put your order number and product purchased in the questions box. 

Services are rendered prior to payment.  Confirmation with a QR code will be sent once the purchase is completed. 
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