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Alberto: Moda "Misc" Club Sellers Package Yearly

Alberto: Moda "Misc" Club Sellers Package Yearly

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This is an Annual Administrative fee for the Moda MISC Club Sellers Package 

Please inquire with admin/mod prior to purchasing to see if you qualify. 

This includes:

• Pre-Approvals in Moda Misc Club so you don't have to wait for your posts to be approved anymore. That way you're able to post your stuff during prime time and no longer have to wait for the queue on your listings.

• Group Expert Badges. These REALLY help with exposure as the Facebook algorithm prioritizes them to almost group moderator level of affinity. If you have a good post AND you're a group expert, it will go viral here.

• You will no longer be required to tag your photos. Although it's a good practice, we understand sometimes it is not very efficient or easy to do for bulky or fast-moving products.

Services are rendered prior to payment.  Confirmation with a QR code will be sent once the purchase is completed. 

***To cancel a reoccurring product, 14 days written notice is needed prior to the next billing cycle***

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