Information about our Moda Groups:

Information about our Moda Groups:

If you're here, you probably heard through a friend about a network of powerful Facebook groups that do insane volumes of trading in the luxury asset sector. Listed below are some of our public communities for you to get plugged into the network.

 Moda Watch Club

This is where it all started shortly after I sold my first watch online via Facebook. It went to a dealer who provided me shipping label and he paid me the next day. This was such a scary foreign concept and although I was scared, at the end I was just blown away how smooth it was. After that point I had a mission. To not be a watch dealer anymore, but to bring that b2b (dealer to dealer) efficiency to the entire watch community who can benefit. I laid out very strict rules, which we hold to this day, and added everyone who I buy from and everyone I sold to. At the time I only really delt with mid-level watch traders to buy and high-level watch dealers to sell. The group immediately took off because I cut myself out of the middle. When someone says Moda, in most cases they’re referring to Moda Watch Club, the original group that started everything. This community provides EXTREME liquidity to the watch market as a whole. If you want a painless sale for real market price, this is the place to do it. We filter pending posts to make sure nothing overpriced gets posted and to make sure there isn’t anything suspicious with the piece. Along with that we have a very robust ‘reference check & vouch’ system. Thats one of the secret sauces for why our groups are so trusted. If someone vouches for someone, transaction goes sideways, the person vouching is also on the hook. Moda Watch Club by FAR is the highest transacting watch community on the entire platform. It currently sits at about 64k members and grows few hundred new members per day. To join just put in code “MG23” where it asks you to and don’t have a suspicious looking profile.

Real Watch Buyers

This is like Moda Watch Club but on steroids. #RWB is a PAID community!

I can only touch on few of the perks and benefits to being a RWB member. The big talking points here is you’ll have a dedicated admin team to help you with your transactions. The community is a lot tighter knit, and everyone’s interests are aligned instead of everyone fending for themselves. The perk everyone ends up having the most benefit from is that chatrooms though. Out of the 20 watch chatrooms we have (lounges to dealer wholesale chats), 17 of them require a RWB membership to get access to. There’s also perks you get across all our other groups. For example, priority approvals, be a more trusted buyer/seller, and you get an automatic $500 vouch (minimum) from the admin team. The community is run by Linda Moda and her staff, and I oversee it. I used to run it back in the day, but Linda’s service and dispute resolution skills are on a whole other level. Current price is $1,500 Initiation Fee + $1,000 per year (2500 first year, 1000 after) but there is currently a promo. This weekend the initiation fee is $800 off meaning your first year is only $1700 for the first year and $1000/year after. PM Linda Moda on Facebook to learn more or sign up today. It may seem like a lot, but the benefits are wild or we wouldn’t have a 98.2% retention rate for RWB.

Moda Watch Club - 10k & Under

This is a spin off group we started about 4 years ago. It follows the same principles and rules that the main watch group follows but its run almost exclusively by Alberto Cruz and his staff. Virtually everything is the same besides it’s made to buy/sell watches under $10,000. Like the main watch group, it has a ton of 0 start No Reserve Auctions and it averages over 120 posts a day. There is plenty of shopping in there to do, money to make, and members to meet that you won’t meet in other groups.

Moda Watch Club - WTB/ISO

WTB/ISO group was created basically way back in the day. We never really told anyone about it but it’s strictly to post WTB’s. At one point it was nuked by Facebook, and we had to tighten it up in order to get it back. All posts go into pending in there and only #RWB member posts are approved to see the feed. Everyone else’s posts are forwarded into a dealer group and anyone who may have the watch will reach out to you to quote. Sundays if you tag your post with #FreePostSunday it will get approved though. This community is only for people who are 100% ready to buy a watch. DO NOT post a want to buy/in search of request in here if you’re looking to find market comps. Thats the easiest way to get banned from all the Moda communities.

Moda Dealer Alliance

Otherwise known as #MDA or by the members in the group who have the Group Expert badges. This is currently our most vetted dealer group that we have. At minimum it requires full business docs (resale certificate), long history of deals in the group, and exceptional references. It also requires you to have 5+ dealers give you a blanket vouch for at least $50,000 EACH to cover any deals you do. On top of that you have to be voted in. #MDA also cost $3,500 a year to be in and requires you to have a current good standing RWB membership as well. Very few members qualify for this but the ones that do, reap all the rewards. (They’re the ones who get the Quick Sale Hour leads and all the WTB leads from the WTB group)

Moda Forum

If MDA is our most serious group, Moda forum is our most relaxed watch group. If you’re upset at your ad, want to talk new watch releases, post something you just bought, or talk watches and the market, this is the place. It’s moderated by Jesse Sandler and its pretty entertaining place to be. Really the only 3 rules are, NO BUYING/SELLING IN HERE, be respectful, and no blatant self-promotion.


Car Groups

Wholesale Car Club

WCC is the mac daddy of all car communities in existence. It transacts more cars in front of your eyes than anywhere else besides Manheim or the super big sites. It’s run by Chad Cunningham from GMTV and mix of both staff. It has been featured in many publications mostly for having the first market comp on ALL the new cars that get released. It’s also our biggest group at 128k+ members. I can’t explain what that group is capable of in the car world because unless you see it, you wouldn’t believe me anyway. I’ve personally bought and sold millions of dollars’ worth of personal cars over the years in there.

Wholesale Car Club - Dealers Only

Dealers only is exactly what it says, it’s a b2b group for WCC dealers. Requires a dealer license to enter and requires all transactions to happen dealer to dealer. Sean Kemper does the verifications so send him a pm after requesting to join the group if you want to be added. It’s also a great place to ask for buy bids, ask industry specific questions, and get help for anything relating to car dealerships. Small tight knit group with little over 2,000 members

Wholesale Car Club - WTB/ISO

WTB/ISO group used to be called ‘Dude where is my (Next) car?” and it was created to be an overflow group for WCC. WCC pending posts requests are an absolute nightmare, 400+ a day, and we hand check every deal to make sure its priced right. Alot of those posts where things like WTB’s (Want to buys), transport requests, carfax or build sheet pulls, and other small things. Those things started taking up too much room and outgrowing threads so we created this group to handle all those things. Really the only thing you cant do here is post a car for sale. You can reply to WTB’s but you can’t list your car unless you want to get booted out.

Moda Bikes, Boats, & Toys

Not going to lie, this group was mostly created out of selfish reasons. I love all things powersports, bikes, boats, and toys. If you have a question or want to buy/sell a motorcycle, e-bike, 4 wheeler, utv, side by side, boat, camper, rv, conversion van, weird equipment, jetski, or literally anything else that might not get approved in WCC, this is the place to post it.


GOLD/Jewelery Groups

Moda Gold Club

MGC follows a very similar format and style as Moda Watch Club. This is the place to quickly buy/sell all types of jewelry, bullion, and etc. Check the rules to make sure what you’re posting is allowed. Gold club absolutely blew up in 2020 due to gold skyrocketing and it set the pace for that growth ever since. If you buy any kind of jewelry from a local shop, you will be absolutely blown away how much you’re actually overpaying. Chances are, that shop owner gets it from here. Come join us and 30k other members and not overpay for jewelry again.

Moda Gold+

#GoldPlus works off the same format is our Real Watch Buyers group but it’s way cheaper since it’s not as big or old. You get the same benefits just in a different niche (jewelry). It’s VERY unrestricted so you will be able to conduct business in real time without having to wait for posts to be approved. Not to mention Gold+ Lounge and Gold Professionals are 2 really cool chatrooms. PM David Moda or George Rago to learn more.


Other Groups

Moda Hype Club

Hype club is our buy/sell group for all things ‘hype’. This goes from sneakers like Jordan’s & Yeezy’s to designer clothes, luxury accessories, and some collectable items. Nazar Moda runs this group and it’s an EXTREMELY tight ship. Posts must be listed below all market comps (including StockX), have a tagged photo, clear description, and good pictures. We recently partnered with CheckCheck App to authenticate all shoes in the group. You can get a free authentication by following the steps posted at top of the group. This is the highest transaction hype group on Facebook by far, there isn’t even a close competitor in this niche.

Moda Misc Club

Started as a covid adventure because we were bored and turned into something beautiful. If there is anything you want to sell (as long as its within Facebook guidelines) you can post it in there. This group supports so many young business owners to have a full time income and build a name for themselves by doing good business. Electronics, art, weird artifacts, over stock pallets, bidets, dyson, apple products, sports cards, and jets. You name it, this is the place for it. We’ve even had doctors auction off nose jobs in here and others sell pallets full of lube (not even joking lol).

Moda Collective

What was never supposed to be opened to the public, got opened about a year ago. Moda Collective started as a secret chatroom for high-net-worth individuals to talk about their business problems and share experiences. Once it grew too big we decided to create a group and let everyone else have access to those members. Anything business related that isn’t self-promotion, goes in here. Very unique culture full of the most incredible and humble members you’ll ever meet. If i was just starting off in business and I got plugged into Moda Collective, I’d be set. As long as I listened to their advice, that’s all I would of needed to be successful.

Moda Lifestyle Club

Moda Lifestyle Club is similar community to Moda Collective but it focus’s on everything else besides business. Travel, big personal wins/losses, self help, and sharing your private jets (Inside joke). You can talk about your hobbies, ask for gift recommendations, and whatever else. NO SELLING IN HERE

Moda Stock Club - Moda Stock Club is our newest group and became a thing after an overwhelming amount of requests from Moda Misc. It is aimed at stock market investors who have at least 25k+ in active trading balances to discuss trading stocks, options, and other general investing. This group is free but every member is carefully vetted by one of the admins/mods so if you request to join please be ready to show at least part of your portfolio showing 25k+ invested in the market. We do not save this information or share it even between the admin team and you delete it the moment you are verified. This is the only way we can keep the group exclusive and to make sure if someone comments in the group you know it's coming from someone who has skin in the game. 

Moda Meats & Eats

Another selfish group creation during covid. I love food and trying new things. Members share what they’re cooking, unique high end cuts of meat, and talk about wine/alcohol. They also use it heavily for restaurant recommendations in new cities they’re traveling to. It’s an open forum we are not too strict as long as you’re not trying to sell something or solicit sales of any kind.

Moda Fitness Club

Our newest group creation, was launched this last new years. Pretty self explanatory. Anything regarding dieting, exercise, and competitive sports goes in here. It also has a very very very active chatroom but you’ll have to dig around the group to figure out how to get in there.


In Closing…

This is just a glimpse of what the Moda communities have to offer. Maybe one of these day’s I can write up one of these but for all our chatrooms (100+ of them). We are constantly adding in new groups and chats, along with making everything as sophisticated as possible to bring as much value as we can to our 350k+ unique members. And before you ask, yes this has been our full time job for 5+ years.

Come join us in your favorite groups! See you inside.


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